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Carnevale Varese

March, 2019

Carnevale 2019, Varese Centro

One of the exciting events celebrated every year throughout the nation. A time where everyone can dress up as their favorite cartoon character or whatever they can think of. Both for young and old, everyone enjoys this festive activity.

As a father, this is one event that I wouldn’t want to miss. It’s a chance to show off my little fella on his cute little costume. My son also enjoys this festival a lot because there are lot of people and some lovely floats to see. There is also a lot of confetti that flies around which adds a lot of excitement.

I love how Italian’s celebrate this event. They are so disciplined that despite the crowd, there is actually no pushing. If you have a child on a pram, you simply just say excuse me “scusa”, and they will actually make some space for you and your child. Maybe it depends on the area but this was our experience in Varese. Such a great place indeed!

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